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The Crack It nail polisher makes you a cool cracked effect to your nails! heres how:
1. Paint your nails with your “base color”… whichever color you want to be under the crackle! So if I used Broken Hearted, I would paint my nail white (just a preference thing!) first (make sure its totally covered and you don’t have any funny lines in the color). Let it dry COMPLETELY!
2. Paint over that with your choice of the crackle nail polishes available! (There are plenty if you just search the web!) Let it dry completely also! Should take about 3 to 5 minutes! It will start out looking like it covers your whole nail but will dry to this crackle finish!
3. Cover it with your favorite top coat!
4. Flaunt your nails for all the neighbors to be jealous!


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